Nearly 35 years ago, four Southside friends started an event that honors the values of friendship, tradition, and the love of music. It’s called the Oldies Dance - a classic story of friendship, musical memories, and shared experiences.

At a time when reflecting back to the good ole days is a faddish priority for many people, the Oldies Dance is the real-deal and not a modern day invention. Currently sponsored by the South High School Alumni Association, the seeds for this dance were planted when four life-long friends decided more than 30 years ago to have a party!

They invited their friends to listen and dance to the music they loved as teenagers and young men in the 50’s and 60’s growing-up in the Southend. Left to right in this picture, Andy Poczik (’64), John Komives (’65) and Dave Benyi (’65), Frank Meszaros (‘6