Early Mornings

The alarm would ring at 5:30 AM, waking me from a sound sleep. It was still dark but the quiet night was in the process of giving way to the sounds of morning. The birds began to chirp at about the same time and I imagined that my alarm clock had awakened them too. A short while later whistles from the steel and glass factories that surrounded our neighborhood sounded in the distance ending the night shift and calling the early morning shift to work. Before long the Diamond Dairy milkman and the Omar Bakery bread man would be making their rounds delivering the daily staples of bread and milk from their odd shaped and colorful trucks. The milk bottles would clink together as the empties were

First Car

The brown and cream-colored seats felt like overstuffed leather lounge chairs. The dashboard was caramel brown metal with glass dials that displayed the speed, the time, the oil pressure and the engine temperature. Directly in the middle of the dashboard under the art deco style clock was the AM radio that searched for radio stations with the slightest touch of the silver Wonder Bar and magically landed on each radio station whose signal it heard. The steering wheel was caramel brown plastic with evenly spaced finger grooves molded into its round shape. A chrome ring that triggered the horn encircled the inside of the steering wheel, seemingly floating in air as if unattached to the steering


Nearly 35 years ago, four Southside friends started an event that honors the values of friendship, tradition, and the love of music. It’s called the Oldies Dance - a classic story of friendship, musical memories, and shared experiences. At a time when reflecting back to the good ole days is a faddish priority for many people, the Oldies Dance is the real-deal and not a modern day invention. Currently sponsored by the South High School Alumni Association, the seeds for this dance were planted when four life-long friends decided more than 30 years ago to have a party! They invited their friends to listen and dance to the music they loved as teenagers and young men in the 50’s and 60’s growing-

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