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SHSAA exists to provide Columbus South High School (SHS) graduates a way to maintain and renew friendships that developed while they were students at South. It also creates ways in which the traditions and values associated with SHS can be perpetuated. The association generates revenue through its activities that enable it to be self-sustaining. Through its fundraising activities, SHSAA serves its membership but also generates financial support for scholarships targeted to current SHS students.


Larry Latta '72


The SHSAA provides opportunities for alumni to renew friendships, reminisce about the good ole days and contribute resources that help current SHS students. We are proud of that!

Sharon Selby '64
Carol Wolfenbarger '61



The SHSAA is a way for alumni to stay in touch with past and present activities of SHS. Our efforts to communicate with our members and our members with each other produces very satisfying results.

The SHSAA has more than 450 members, an active core of volunteers, and a dedicated Board of Directors. Maintaining well-documented records of our activities is a top priority. 

GD Headshot_edited_edited.jpg
Jerry Driggs '69


The SHSAA is committed to operating a financially sustainable organization that maintains good financial records and follows sound business practices.


Dwight ware.jpg
Dwight Ware '69
Marylee Bendig '70
Ruby Arnold '66
Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 12.45.38
Donny Caldwell '69
Cynthia Cornute Gorman '83
A thompson.jpg
Andrea Thompson '69
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Romell Bolden 2014
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George Yates '99


Contact us via email for a prompt response. Our contact list scrolls up and own. Click on the email address of the person you want to contact.

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