Late Night Melodies

Links to People, Places, and Priorities through the music of our youth. My life has two dimensions - the potential and excitement of the future and the deep-rooted realities and powerful memories of the past. If you are under 60 years old this piece is probably not for you. My life at 66 years old combines a rich history with a hopeful future. It struck me today that the majority of my thoughts however, dip into a rich memory bank that is triggered by powerful stimulants like music, cyber-based access to old friends, and unending reminders of the past in the form of reunions, anniversaries, and life transitions, not to mention the occasional obituary of friends and acquaintances. In each ca

A Reunion Decades in the Making

By: Jerry Driggs ‘69 Janet Thomas Quellhorst, SHS class of 1968, recently shared a remarkable story about her family’s nearly 75-year unresolved struggle to bring closure regarding the death of a family member and SHS alumnus who gave his life serving our country in World War II. United States Marine Corp Private First Class Harold V. (Buddy) Thomas, service number 318409, was killed in combat on November 20th, 1943 in the Battle of Tarawa in the Pacific Theatre in the Gilbert Islands. He was one of nearly 1,100 Marines to lose their lives in one of the fiercest battles fought against the Japanese up to that time. Unfortunately, he was also one of 77,000 World War II veterans whose remains w

Broken Glass

The house was built in 1904. For the longest time it was the only building in a large flat field in the southern outskirts of Columbus Ohio. The house was an island in the midst of a sea of waist high grass that gently swayed in the summer breeze. It was modest and sturdy. It had a rugged integrity that reflected the strong work ethic of its builders. It wasn’t big, or plush. Its lines were simple, straight and true. Each stud, floor joist, and each piece of clapboard that covered its walls and framed its long narrow windows were destined to thrive not just survive. The windows were a distinguishing characteristic of the house. Sixty years later in the summer of 1964, I was a 14-year-old boy

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